Stiff neck is a common occurrence for many people.

How to Solve Stiff Neck

July 22, 2021

Tired of suffering from stiff neck? Solve it once and for all...

A Pain in the Neck

The stiff neck is a common problem that many people are, unfortunately, all too familiar with. The typical characteristics of a stiff neck are: soreness in the neck, shoulders, and upper back regions, especially when trying to turn their head to the side, pains in the arms, and even headaches in certain cases. The immediate consequence is that you will not be able to use your next to look around, having to turn your whole body instead (unless you like pain).

Most of the time, you experience a stiff neck right after waking up. Not the best way to start the day off. Usually, the pain lasts for about a week, gradually growing less painful until it is gone. However, in certain cases, the pain lasts for significantly longer, and also is more intense. In such scenarios, it stops being a mild inconvenience and starts being an actual obstacle in your life. 

Commonly, there are a few ways you may get a stiff neck. Sleeping with the neck in an awkward position, falling or any impact that causes the head to swing suddenly to the side, straining the neck with repetitive activity such as swimming, looking downward for extended periods of time when using the phone, are just some of the examples.

Most of the time, it is relatively simple and straightforward when pinpointing the cause of your stiff neck. For instance, those experiencing stiff neck right after waking up from their sleep most likely got it from sleeping in an awkward position, while feeling it after an entire day of work could very well mean long hours of looking down at a phone or slouching in your chair is the culprit.

That said, it is not always possible to fix this issue, since we are not aware of what goes on when we are asleep, or it is unavoidable that we spend long hours looking at our phones and computers due to work. What we can do, however, is to fix the root cause that keeps giving you these problems. 

The Root of Stiff Neck

Stiff neck, and most muscle stiffness and pain in general, can be traced to one source: Your blood. More specifically, the water that is in your blood. Everywhere you go, you are constantly being bombarded by a stream of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

These come from various sources, including the phone or computer that you’re most probably reading this on, the WiFi router that said phone or computer is connected to, the television, and many more. Virtually all electronic devices are on this list. 

Sure, you may be able to avoid electronics for a day or two, but it isn’t feasible in the long run. After all, many of us have our work tied to these devices, and it really isn’t an option.

All this electromagnetic radiation (EMR) interacts with the water molecules in our body and in our surroundings, causing them to group into big clusters, thereby causing congestion in our blood vessels. Think of the water molecules as cars, and the blood vessels as roads and highways. Any road with bigger vehicles tends to experience traffic jams rather than with smaller vehicles, and the same principle applies to our blood vessels as well.

The congestion in blood vessels is what we call poor blood circulation, and that’s why your stiff necks keeps on occurring again and again! Your muscles need proper and smooth blood circulation not just to operate at an optimal level, but to ensure your muscles are able to repair themselves after strenuous activity or being put in an awkward position.

The problem with products that say they can help relieve a stiff neck is that they use things like heat and cold to temporarily take the pain away. This is the reason that it keeps on recurring.

Looking down until it hurts.

Looking down until it hurts.

Light Activated Energy (LAE) - The Solution

By now it is clear that the way to solve stiff neck in the long run is to make it so that the water molecules in your body are at the right size, which by extension makes your blood circulation smoother.

The Light Activated Energy (LAE) technology, which is an invention by Ezon, is able to achieve this quickly, without any side effects. In a nutshell, Light Activated Energy (LAE) technology utilises 4 main materials that work together to produce resonant energy that is able to break down hydrogen bonds almost instantaneously, without any side effects at all!

While there are alternate ways of breaking hydrogen bonds and making water molecule cluster sizes smaller, most of them are impossible to implement without greatly harming humans. This includes boiling water, using high concentrations of radiation, and coronal discharge from ionization as well. Oh, and did you know this process occurs naturally within waterfalls as well?

The SB96 spray is a health & wellness spray by Ezon that is able to precisely solve this problem! The Light Activated Energy (LAE) technology is used in SB96 to ensure that it is able to solve the source of problems faced by users. SB96 is absorbed very quickly and deeply into the skin, where it begins transforming the water molecules in the body around the area applied, thus allowing your muscles to recover more quickly!

A quick look at the other ingredients contained in SB96 include Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, various trace elements, and silver nanoparticles (AgNP). The Aloe Barbadensis, or better known as aloe vera juice helps relieve itchiness, pain, bleeding, speeds up recovery and promotes healing. Trace elements in SB96 provide vital nutrition to the cells around the area applied, and also takes part in the metabolic processes. As a bonus, the AgNP in SB96 has the ability to kill 99% of microbes, with an anti-inflammatory effect.

All of the above mentioned components, combined with the Light Activated Energy (LAE) technology, makes for a highly effective weapon against the pain of a stiff neck! Also, it is really simple to use! Simply spray generously onto your palms and rub them together, and apply to the affected area (since you’re reading this article, I’m guessing neck). Do this consistently for up to a week, and you will find that the stiff neck won’t be bothering you any time soon any more!

A bonus to the SB96 is that it not only is able to get rid of those pesky stiff necks, but works equally well on relieving muscle aches, improving overall blood circulation and metabolism, and is also able to kill off 99.99% of microorganisms!

In a nutshell, to solve the problem of stiff neck and other muscle soreness, getting straight to the source is your best bet, which happens to be the water in your body! 

LAE penetrates deeply to heal your body.

LAE penetrates deeply to heal your body.