How to Fight Pimples & Acne With Light!

July 22, 2021

Wearing a mask got those pimples popping up? Time to say goodbye to them...

Life During the Pandemic

As we continue to live with COVID-19 as a daily reality, face masks are necessary to protect not only ourselves, but those around us as well. The result? Maskne. This is the result of our frequent and prolonged use of face masks. 

Individuals with sensitive skin are particularly vulnerable to maskne, as sebum (face oil) accumulates and clog the pores on your skin, leading to bacterial infection and later on, acne. The areas commonly affected by this are the cheeks, chin, and nose.

Taking the masks off is not an option, due to COVID reasons. Going out may also be inevitable for many due to work and chores. So, the question is how to improve skin without having to endanger ourselves, as well as risk being fined for breaching the SOP?

Light Activated Energy (LAE)

This is the most important and effective component of Ezurose. Light Activated Energy (LAE) is the most advanced technology born wholly from the beauty and power of mother nature. You can find out more about Light Activated Energy (LAE) by clicking on this link.

In a nutshell, Light Activated Energy (LAE) is made of 4 materials that work together to produce resonant energy at the 9.36 micron wavelength, which is identical to that of the human body. Not only does it not have any side effects on human health, it also provides many benefits that you just can’t find anywhere else (we’ve tried)!

The main effects of the Light Activated Energy (LAE) contained in Ezurose is to greatly enhance the moisturising ability of the skin due to its water binding effects, improving the circulation of lymph, and the speed of metabolism in the skin.

By being able to provide not just one, but a wide range of benefits to the skin, Light Activated Energy (LAE) not just helps you look beautiful, but beautifully healthy as well!

Power of the Rose

The rose is often used to symbolise beauty, and romance. A lovely looking flower with thorns right underneath, it is the perfect balance, with an elegance that commands respect. With the pure essence of rose, Ezurose was born.

Highly effective in penetrating deeply and being absorbed by the skin, rose essence is able to thoroughly rejuvenate your skin, bringing out your beauty from deep within. 

It is well known that rose essence has some pretty amazing health benefits for human skin, due to its powerful antioxidative properties. If you have taken a bite out of an apple and left it sitting around, you know exactly what oxidation can do to cells.

Oxidation, or oxidative stress comes from various sources, some of which are natural, and others are human-made. UV rays, acute physical activities, psychological stress, chemical pollution, alcohol, and tobacco consumption.

Oxidation is also the cause of various negative effects on the skin, including inflammation, skin diseases, and accelerated skin aging. Thanks to the Power of the Rose, we are able to fight oxidation in the skin!

Trace Elements - Unsung Heroes

We’ve all heard of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These are the most important and abundant elements found in all forms of life (that we know of). However, there are other elements that are found in the human body, in tiny amounts.

Get ready to see some names for the first time ever! Worry not, though, as they are an essential component for health. According to the Malaysian Health Ministry (KKM), essential trace elements in the skin include Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium, among others.

These happen to be important ingredients present in Ezurose. Let’s dive in a little deeper (not too deep) into how these unsung heroes actually benefit you and your precious skin!

As nutrients for the cells, trace elements have to be consumed in sufficient amounts to ensure that your skin and health are in proper condition. Did you know that trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium are highly involved in forming a natural shield around your skin, which protects it from external damage.

They are also important nutrition for the skin, where they are key components in the metabolic processes of living cells. Sufficient trace elements in the skin equals healthier skin, it's that simple!

Guardian of Moisture - Codium Tomentosum

Codium Tomentosum is also known as “Marine Hyaluronic Acid''. Some other names are velvet horn and spongeweed. Found in the ocean, it is a type of seaweed that is able to provide some serious benefits to the skin. 

Thanks to its high trace element content, it provides a boost for the metabolism of your dermal cells. The extract of Codium Tomentosum contains Alginic acid, proteins, mannitol, iodine, carbohydrates, free amino acids and traces of vitamins and minerals.

Coming from the ocean, Codium Tomentosum extract is an effective marine moisturising factor for the skin. In Ezurose, the extract normalises and balances the moisture content of the skin, which locks in moisture for a long lasting protection against dry skin.


Ezurose by Ezon is the perfect concoction of Light Activated Energy (LAE), Pure Rose Extract, Trace Elements, and Codium Tomentosum Extract. 

The technological marvel that is Light Activated Energy (LAE), the elegant Power of the Rose, the Unsung Heroes that are Trace Elements, and the Guardian of Moisture which is Codium Tomentosum is the perfect weapon to help you battle against acne from invading your skin.

Just as your face-mask protects you against viruses, Ezurose is your guardian against acne!