Fights Acne with Light Activated Energy (LAE)

July 26, 2021

Need a skincare routine that keeps you beautiful and acne-free? We got just the thing...

Light Activated Energy, or LAE for short, is a term coined by the EZON Group for its latest technology. Being the first in the world with this technology, it is our duty, or even obligation to ensure that the people know more about this technology, as it is the future of health and wellness technology.

Fight Against Acne

There are some common misconceptions about acne, such as that adults are not prone to acne. According to the Malaysian Health Ministry (KKM), adults can grow acne even after 50 years old! So how do you fight acne effectively?

The answer is simple! Light Activated Energy (LAE). By creating resonant energy at the 9.36 micron wavelength, skincare products with Light Activated Energy (LAE) are able to penetrate deeply into the skin, making them the perfect cleanser for acne.

The perfect example of this is the beauty series by Ezon! Consisting of the Ezurose, Elight Cleanser, and Elight Essence, Light Activated Energy (LAE) technology is the core of these products which is a must-have in any proper skincare routine.

The Beauty Series by Ezon focuses on the principle of Cleansing, Rejuvenating, and Enhancement.

By incorporating Light Activated Energy (LAE) into the products, it’s effectiveness is greatly improved, especially the protective properties. The best example is Ezurose, which is not only able to help fight acne but has a wide range of benefits as well!

Protection against acne, highly moisturising, powerful antioxidants, and providing healthy nutrition for the skin. These are the must-have components of an effective skincare product, and Ezurose checks all these boxes!

Deeply-Penetrating Beauty: Elight Rose

Acne comes from within the skin, so it is natural that any solution for it, must get straight to the source. The core ingredients used in these products all come from natural sources, to ensure that when they are applied and absorbed by the skin, you get only the best, and nothing harmful.

The components of Elight Rose include:

Pure Bulgarian Rose Dew Antioxidant powerhouse that strengthens skin cells which soothes itchiness, as well as has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Trace Elements As nutrients for cells, it participates

in the metabolic processes at the cellular level in our bodies. Codium Tomentosum It is also known as “marine hyaluronic acid”, and has amazing moisturizing properties.

As the flagship product in the EZON beauty line, Elight Rose lives up to its positioning as it is akin to an entire skincare and beauty routine,all contained in a bottle. For those looking for better moisturized skin and an overall boost to the beauty of their skin, Elight Rose is the perfect solution in a bottle. By incorporating Elight Rose into your skin care routine, its anti-inflammatory properties are an invaluable part of the fight against acne. Furthermore, its proprietary Light Activated Energy (LAE) technology instantly transforms water molecule clusters into a smaller size, which allows moisture and nutrients that were previously unable to enter the skin to penetrate deeply, removing impurities and toxins trapped within the skin.


Gentle Protection:

Cleansing of the skin should not come at the expense of its health. All too often, we allow products that promise the instant removal of acne to be applied on our skin. In these cases, we are so fixated on the promise of instant gratification that we do not pause and think of the side effects that will occur.

Most of these products are rough and damage your skin instead of beautifying it! While this is a fairly common mistake, it is one that could very well have long-lasting consequences on your skin in the long-term.

What these products do is that they “scrub off” not just the parts you don’t want, but also the important parts of your skin, including epidermal cells and sebum that keeps your skin healthy. This actually makes it easier for acne to pop up on your skin in the future, as the skin is now more prone to infection by bacteria. Elight Cleanser offers a gentle alternative by using the principle of nourishment instead of scrubbing, with a combination of the below ingredients:

Sea salt: Able to activate the skin enzyme defence system, soothe the defence regulation system, and increase skin resistance.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Provides freshness, as well as having antioxidant & cleansing properties, while being able to rejuvenate and firm-up skin.

Lemon Peel Extract Essential Oil: Has natural antibacterial properties, as well as helping with a fairer skin complexion, and balancing oil secretion.

These ingredients paired with the Light Activated Energy (LAE) mentioned before, allows Elight Cleanser to get the job done, while also being gentle on your skin. Oh, did I mention that Elight Cleanser is also amino-acid based, instead of soap based? This further enhances the gentleness of the Cleanser, without any compromise on its cleansing ability!


Food for Your Skin

“You are what you eat” is an age old saying, and there is some truth to this statement. If you eat healthy food, you will tend to be healthier. The same is true for your skin too! What nutrition you provide to your skin will greatly improve its beauty, both externally and internally!

Essence serves as the cherry on the cake, by providing essential nutrition to enhance the effects of Elight Rose and Elight Cleanser. As is with the other products in Ezon’s beauty series, Elight Essence contains only natural ingredients to nourish your skin!

Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract

Increases skin’s moisture content, antioxidant & anti-aging, accelerates growth of elastic skin cells and protects against UV damage.

γ-PGANatto Extract

Enhances the skin’s self-repair ability, balances the sebum and water levels.

Citrus Reticulata Peel Extract

Promotes formation of tight junctions between the second layer of skin cells, as well as helping to keep your skin soft and supple.

Thymus Serpyllum Extract

Turns rough skin smooth and delicate by gentle stretching, as well as inhibiting the formation of melanin in the skin.

As the final piece of the puzzle, Elight Essence providing nutrients to your skin in order to stay acne free, as well as giving your skin the beautiful look and complexion not just on the outside, but all the way from within!


Beautiful Secrets

What’s even better is that EZON’s Beauty Series is not just very affordable, but it’s also super convenient! All contained in a pretty box, this is the set that your skin will thank you dearly for!