What is Light Activated Energy?

May 6, 2021

Ever wondered what the LAE technology is? Find out here...

Light Activated Energy, or LAE for short, is a term coined by the EZON Group for its latest technology. Being the first in the world with this technology, it is our duty, or even obligation to ensure that the people know more about this technology, as it is the future of health and wellness technology. LAE was born wholly from the beauty and power of mother nature, and a keen eye on the future of health and wellness. In short, LAE improves our blood circulation, which has the pleasant effect of improving our overall health. Here is why LAE-Tech healthcare is vital for the well-being of the modern person.

Ezon Lifestyle, the Healthy Lifestyle
Ezon Lifestyle, the Healthy Lifestyle

Are You Sweating Enough?

If you have been to a gym recently, it is highly likely that you have come across the phrase "Sweat is just your fats crying” or something similar. While not the most scientifically accurate of phrases, it does highlight the importance of sweating for health. The convenience of modern living has greatly improved our lives, but these creature comforts might not necessarily be all that great for our health. From our air-conditioned homes, we commute to our air-conditioned offices in similarly air-conditioned cars, buses and trains, without any chance for us to break out in a sweat! Yes, "comfort" and "convenience" are important aspects of our daily lives, but because of this, we have become less healthy, as toxins accumulate in the body.

A Boost for Your Metabolism

LAE also works to improve your bodies’ metabolic process. This is because the wavelength of human organs and tissues are about 9.36 microns. By harnessing an energy wavelength of 8-12 microns, 936 LAE Energy Room is able to generate resonance with our cells, breaking the hydrogen bonds. Water molecules in the body transform into smaller clusters, which is highly conducive for our metabolism and ultimately, overall health.


Direct heat exposure increases the penetration strength of this energy, reaching deep into the tissues to burn excess fat and promote the excretion of heavy metals, toxins and fat-soluble waste matter through the sebaceous glands. Rebalance the endocrine system and improve autoimmunity.


With regular use of 936 LAE Energy Room you can breathe easily, the body improves its ability to apply oxygen, you will notice that your body's oxygen supply increases and therefore you will find breathing easier. Your senses and spirits will feel a boost as your mind and body is rejuvenated with better oxygen content. You are one step closer to long-term health and happiness, and further away from fatigue and stress!

Lose Fat

936 LAE Energy Room helps to improve the body's ability to burn fat as fuel, thus helping you lose weight naturally and safely. Also, your digestive system will work more efficiently if its energy balance is restored, while being aided by a cardiovascular system that is in better shape.

Boost Immune System

936 LAE Energy Room in a 30-minute session is equivalent to running a marathon for 30 kilometers, whereby "fat sweat" containing excess fat, old waste buildup, heavy metals and toxins is excreted from the body. Your metabolism is strengthened, and naturally, your body's resistance improves too. Now, you no longer have to be afraid of the flu!

Reverse Aging

Physical degeneration and aging as major issues for the elderly. We might not be able to reverse the effects of time, but we can delay the process and at the same time, the best method is to consume natural sources of 936 LAE Energy Room, the best healthcare and anti-aging solution. Not only does it slow down the signs of aging, but it also delays the rate of calcium depletion. A multi-wonder treatment for everyone in the family.

Improve Heart Health

936 LAE Energy Room is an effective exercise replacement. 936 LAE Energy Room helps to promote blood circulation and does the work for you with just 45 minutes a day to give you a healthy, happy life. No more reason to not have time for health!

LAE Light Activated Energy
LAE Light Activated Energy

LAE Technology

LAE Technology So one question you might have is how LAE helps you achieve all these benefits. Here’s a simplified version for you! By using several materials to produce resonant energy at the 9.36 micron wavelength, we are able to break down the hydrogen bonds in water molecules, which greatly reduces water molecular cluster size. These refined water molecules are almost identical in wavelength to our body, thus have many benefits towards human health. First of all, it is very easily absorbed by our cells, allowing deeper and more complete hydration. Our blood is also primarily made of water, with 90% of our blood plasma’s composition being water. LAE technology is able to fundamentally improve the molecular structure of the water in our bodies and blood, by refining them into smaller clusters, improving blood flow, as well as various biological and metabolic processes.

Free From Radiation

As the modern lifestyle became more widespread, the unintended effects of radiation on humans’ quality of life became impossible to ignore. While in most diseases, the mantra is “prevention is better than cure”, it is not as simple when it comes to radiation. Our modern lives are practically intertwined with radiation, which is emitted in constant streams from our everyday devices. Could you live without your phone for a week? Well, most people can’t afford to. That is why LAE is not only certified by some of the top labs in the world to be free from harmful radiation, but is also able to negate some of its negative effects.


Internationally Patented & Recognized
Internationally Patented & Recognized

The LAE Lifestyle

LAE is more than just a technology. To truly experience its benefits to the fullest extent, one has to embrace the LAE Lifestyle. We acknowledge that we are living in rapidly evolving times, and have to change and adapt, but never to forget our roots, as well as wellbeing. Love & Peace, Health, Integrity, Persistence, Allocentricity, and Innovation. That is the LAE Lifestyle.