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EZON - About Ezon

EZON - About Ezon

EZON Berhad is an Enterprise based biotechnology, nanotechnology, and Light Activated Energy (LAE). Using resources, technologies, and strategies from a global team, we continue innovating products that elevate the lives of people everywhere.
Our Founders, Mr. Ikaxa Tan, Prof. House Chen, Mr. Noel Chia, and Ms. Poh Yin planted the seeds of what was to be EZON in 2018. On the 28th September 2019, EZON Berhad was officially open for business, and is headquartered in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
EZONGroup includes domestic and foreign research institutions, as well as public and private enterprises,with environmental protection and a perpetual business model as its foundation. With expertise in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, material science, and chemical technology, EZON conducts product research and development in various fields, and creates new innovative products to enhance human well-being. We are steadfast that when there is a conflict between R&D/Production and environmental protection, we will always find a breakthrough, and if it is not possible, the environment always comes before the product.
In line with the belief and attitude of loving work and unremitting pursuit of transformation, all EZON staff attach importance to the flexibility and richness of individual life in the enterprise, and building an excellent corporate culture. EZON is an innovation-oriented company, and places great value in all every single of its people.Rooted in technology, we fully utilise the boundless inspiration and creativity of our people, to continue developing a variety of products that are beneficial to humans and the environment, while insisting on independent research and development, and providing customers with excellent solutions to enhance competitiveness, creating a win-win situation.
As Kahlil Gibran explains about work in his book "The Prophet" (al-Mustafa):“Life is indeed darkness save when there is urge, and all urge is blind save when there is knowledge, and all knowledge is vain save when there is work, and all work is empty save when there is love.”
EZON adheres to the belief of love, love of the world, the environment, and also deeply loves itself. All the company's actions are based on love. Through continuous practice and inspiration, it has formed an excellent corporate culture!
EZON is a combination of capital and talent. We uphold the concept of equality and mutual respect for all people. We will carry out our duties and work together to lead the company with a firm footing. Now and in the future, with the challenges we face along the way, we will remember our roots and march forward bravely and work hard for the benefit of mankind.
EZON truly believes that cutting-edge technology can not only be applied to the so-called high-tech industries. We apply cutting-edge material technology to the most traditional industries through breakthroughs in new ideas and concepts, so that breakthroughs in traditional industries are a path forward, resulting in unprecedented development and results.
We develop and produce products with a human touch, which is as refreshing as warm cup of tea in hand.EZON categorizes is missions in 6 major sectors and 5 continents to benefit the people.With a team of like-minded people, we continue making progress towards diversification; with independent research and development as the core tenet, combining strategic alliances, actively exploring the markets, integratingglobal marketing, developing a global business, and creating a new era of business with everyone.
World’s First LAE Light Energy Technology. LAE is an all-new technology by EZON, which has many patents in various countries.Medical technology is progressing with each passing day at an unprecedented rate, and medical equipment and inspection equipment have reached the near universal use, which are all used for treatment. At the same time, diseasesarealso evolving and adapting, and this can be likened to an arms race between species.
The same is true for agricultural science and technology. The types of pesticides and fertilizers used are changing day by day, but the challenges of diseases and pests facing crops are present as ever. The same is true for livestock, poultry, and aquaculture industries. Various antibiotics and pharmaceutical products have been introduced. However, Foot-and-Mouth disease, Vibrio vulnificus, Iridoviridae... have never stopped harming these industries and consumers as well.
Modern people are suffering from all kinds of pollution, which causes a large number of hydrogen bonds in the body tissue fluid to be formed, causing the body tissue fluid water molecular clusters to become large. When the water molecular clusters in the tissue fluid are too large, it will cause the metabolism to slow down. This is the cause of various metabolic diseases.
EZON utilizes self-developed core materials, uses a variety of advanced manufacturing processes, and develops various unique products with different properties and conditions in response to the needs of different applications. For example: The LAE Treatment Room, functional domestic water treatment equipment, skin care products with unique internal and external two-way synergy, health foods with unique benefits.
EZON's LAE products are completely drug-free, and focuses on awakening the natural abilities of the living organisms’ body, and use the concept of self-repair to achieve the unique effects of their products!
The Founder

Mr Ikaxa Tan | Founder & CEO :

Awarded the Malaysia Top 10 High Achievers, Public Welfare Golden Award Taiwan and Honesty Enterprise-Kris Award, Ikaxa spent years in his life exploring light, he is amaze by what light can do with human health. With his creativity and passion, he is the key driver to lead the company in achieving the vision of Save lives. Safe world.

Prof. House Chen | Founder & CTO :

Prof Chen is extremely passionate in energy and water technology, spending more than half of his life involved in R&D across the world, including China, Taiwan, Japan and Germany. Prof House is the man who invented the LAE.

Mr Noel Chia | Founder & CBO :

25 years of experience in the commercial, digital art and marketing solutions, Noel’s expertise include international brands collaborations and partnership including public listed company, international school and academy and world class amusement park.

Ms Poh Yin Foo | Founder & CPO :

With her extensive leadership experience across diverse roles in the consumer health supplement market. Miss Foo responsibilities include product research and management, quality control, service and operations.
Core Team

Mr YC Wang | Executive Director :

Mr Wang is the founder of Aqriss International Franchise Brands and The Regional Director of Burger King USA who managed more than 2000 outlets and the former Regional Director of Berjaya Group who develop the franchise model for Starbucks, 7-11, One Station and Kenny Rogers, Mr Wang is a key member of Ezon Business development.

Mr Tan Chai Puan | Group Advisor :

Mr Tan is the conceptual founder of the famous Twenty-Four Festive Drums, who has been named as "National Living Cultural Heritage" by the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture since 2018. He was previously the Executive Director of a petrochemical MNC (Idemitsu Group) in Malaysia and has served the Malaysian Petrochemical Association as Vice President. He is now the Head of the Museum and Art Gallery of Southern University College Johor.

Dato’ George Miranda | Legal Advisor :

With more than 25 years of experience as a practicing lawyer, Dato’ George expertise covers both contentious and non-contentious matters. He is the Managing Partner of Kuala Lumpur based Miranda & Samuel, a law firm that has been singled out by The Legal 500 as a Leading Law Firm in the Asia Pacific region (in certain practice areas) for 10 consecutive years.

Ms Fion Lew | Beauty & Cosmetic Advisor:

Leading the team in design and implementing beauty and fitness program, as the Transformational Coach for LAE detox programme and head trainer for Ezon’s professional Beauty & Health Course.

Mr Yap Chee Hwang | CMO :

With his vast involvement in the digital marketing and international business scene, Mr Yap is the International Business Development Director of Holistic Lab Sdn Bhd (UTM), International Business Development Consultant; Halal Ambassador of IBF International Business Federation, Singapore; Founder and CEO of EASYADS MARKETING. He is the driver for Ezon Sales and Marketing development.

Mr Andrew Teo | CFO :

He manages the company’s account and finance, instrumental in planning, organizing, directing and controlling Ezon’s financial activities and profitability.

Prof. Ir. Dr.-Ing Eko Supriyanto | Healthcare & Medical Advisor :

His obtained Doctor of Engineering from University of Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany. He obtained his professorship from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia at early 30s age, which is one of the world youngest Professor. He published more than 300 international journal and proceeding papers during last 12 years, registered more than 50 patents and copyrights, and received more than 30 international awards, including from National Research Council of Thailand and Korea Invention Promotion Association. He was a President of University College in Indonesia, Director of National Heart Institute-Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Research Centre, and President of German-Indonesian Academicians and Specialists Association.

Mr Bryan Law | Manager :

With 20 years of IT and operational experience, Mr Bryan is responsible for Ezon's warehouse management, sales and customer product support. In addition, he also serves as the head of the company's online system applications, leading the online and offline docking procedures.

Prof. Othman Ibrahim | Group Development Advisor :

As the Associate Prof of UTM, Azman Hashim International Business School,Dr Othman Research Area includes Enterprise Application, Integration, and Services; Social Network/Collaborative Platform; IT Governance and Risk Management. He offers strategies advise for Ezon’s business development.
With the needs of the modern person in mind, EZON uses bio-integration as our model for development.This model streamlines cross-field expertise and technology in chemistry, biology, genetic medicine, human aesthetics, material application science, consumer behavior research, and explores consumer needs based on the demands of the market.
These demands include: The delay of aging, the conservation of the environment, male healthcare, the pursuit of beauty, and the most advanced technology to create effective products that can improve the above-mentioned needs of consumers.
The key to satisfying these demands is the application of EZON’s patented LAE technology in our line of products. The unique internal and external synergy of LAE enables the creation of products that will not just improve human health, but revolutionise it.
The word “nano” is familiar to many people, but most are not sure of its exact meaning. When searching on the internet for information or simply asking experts on the subject, the “Lotus Effect” is commonly brought up. The “Lotus Effect” is a term used to describe the world at the nano scale. A common misconception is that the Lotus Effect is equivalent to the world at the nano scale, when it is actually just a small piece of the puzzle. The nano scale is unimaginably tiny, that our human minds have trouble understanding just how small it really is. The prefix “Nano” is derived from the Greek word νᾶνος, which means “dwarf”. On a scale, a nanometer is equivalent to a billionth of a meter. When looking at materials at the nano scale, their physical and chemical properties may be very much different to those that we are aware of at a normal scale. Through various methods of surface manipulation, nanomaterials are made with various properties, including hydrophilic, hydrophobic, highly resistant materials that have many applications in the real world.
Nobel Prize winner Professor Richard Smalley once said “The contribution of nanotechnology to human health and well-being in the future is by no means inferior to the combined contribution of microelectronics, medical imaging, computer-aided engineering, and artificial polymer materials in this century”. Dr. Ralph Merkle of Zyvex Company proposed that Nanotechnology will completely replace all current production processes and develop newer, more accurate, cheaper and more flexible product manufacturing technologies. Armstrong, Chief Scientist of IBM Corporation of the United States, said "Just as microelectronics technology produced the Information Revolution in the 1970s, nanotechnology will become the core of the information age in the next century."
EZON’s technical research and development team is comprised of professionals in the fields of material science, mechanical engineering,chemical engineering, electronic engineering, and biotechnology. It has successfully developed a variety of marketable application products based on nanoparticles and nano-oxides, especially products that greatly improve the wellbeing of our users。
In addition to cultivating the domestic and foreign nanotechnology application markets, EZON has also invested in its own brand of nano products, and will successively launch various functional daily products. Additionally, with the environment in mind, EZON adheres to the concept of "low energy consumption and low waste emissions". All product research and development are based on environmental-friendliness. When it comes to environmental protection, EZON does not compromise.
Nano-Film Technology
By combining specific nanomaterials with cutting-edge methods, coupled with the rapid advancements in the field of chemical engineering, nanomaterials are now found in nearly almost all field, in the form of thin films. A leader in this advancement is Apple Inc, with its application of nanomaterial films to touch, waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-static... and other technologies. EZON’s R&D team’s research and development in the field of nano-films is mainly based on hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, scratch resistance, water resistance, insulation and heat conduction, transparent heat insulation. In addition to developing products based on the needs of the current market, we also accept specifications from manufacturers, and carry out targeted research and development on their behalf.

EZON - About Ezon

EZON - About Ezon