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EZON - About Ezon

EZON - About Ezon

EZON Berhad is a bio-tech company Whose mission is to infuse bio-technology to create shared health and wealth for the community.
Founded by Mr. Ikaxa Tan, Prof. House Chen, Mr. Noel Chia and Ms.Poh Yin in 2018. EZON officially opened for business on the 29th of September 2019.
As the founder of a technology that will shape the future.
We set ourselves a level higher than others, we set missions that was once impossible BUT NOW POSSIBLE Giving you the one and only LAE - Light Activated Energy.
Researched and developed by Professor House Chen, the Global R&D Team Leader of EZON Berhad. 35 years of research and 50 years of experience. As both a government official and a scientist he is the respected man behind the life-saving technology.
LAE Light Activated Energy, Bio-technology and Nano-technology are our key drivers to product innovation. Introducing to you Health, Beauty, Lifestyle, Culture, Welfare and E.Family, researched and developed specially for everyone's needs from infants to old dependants, all genders you name it.
Ezon earning patents from all around the globe is indeed one of the honours from YOU is more than just our privilege.
In 2019, EZON is officially registered as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, a network of global leaders joining forces working towards sustainability and social responsibilities.
EZON operates in both online and offline in Malaysia. A website, an app as well as an outlet accessible to the public wherever you are, whenever you want.
We started a journey to save the world and in doing so EZON will expand its business to the neighbouring countries then onwards to cover South East Asia. Then Europe and the entire world.
With a market value of RM50 million,10000 users, 3 core technologies, 38 products developed, 7 International Research Centres, 15 international patents and 35 years of Light Activated Energy research experience.
Protecting the living health, creating a safe world is our vision and motto. We are EZON.
The Founder

Mr Ikaxa Tan | Founder & CEO :

Awarded the Malaysia Top 10 High Achievers, Public Welfare Golden Award Taiwan and Honesty Enterprise-Kris Award, Ikaxa spent years in his life exploring light, he is amaze by what light can do with human health. With his creativity and passion, he is the key driver to lead the company in achieving the vision of Save lives. Safe world.

Prof. House Chen | Founder & CTO :

Prof Chen is extremely passionate in energy and water technology, spending more than half of his life involved in R&D across the world, including China, Taiwan, Japan and Germany. Prof House is the man who invented the LAE.

Mr Noel Chia | Founder & CBO :

25 years of experience in the commercial, digital art and marketing solutions, Noel’s expertise include international brands collaborations and partnership including public listed company, international school and academy and world class amusement park.

Ms Poh Yin Foo | Founder & CPO :

With her extensive leadership experience across diverse roles in the consumer health supplement market. Miss Foo responsibilities include product research and management, quality control, service and operations.
Core Team

Mr YC Wang | Executive Director :

Mr Wang is the founder of Aqriss International Franchise Brands and The Regional Director of Burger King USA who managed more than 2000 outlets and the former Regional Director of Berjaya Group who develop the franchise model for Starbucks, 7-11, One Station and Kenny Rogers, Mr Wang is a key member of Ezon Business development.

Mr Tan Chai Puan | Group Advisor :

Mr Tan is the conceptual founder of the famous Twenty-Four Festival Drum, who has received the "National Cultural Figure Award" from the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture, previously the director of Idemitsu Chemicals , he is now the Vice President of Malaysian Petrochemical Association and Director of the Southern University College Johor.

Dato’ George Miranda | Legal Advisor :

With more than 25 years of experience as a practicing lawyer, Dato’ George expertise covers both contentious and non-contentious matters. He is the Managing Partner of Kuala Lumpur based Miranda & Samuel, a law firm that has been singled out by The Legal 500 as a Leading Law Firm in the Asia Pacific region (in certain practice areas) for 10 consecutive years.

Ms Fion Lew | Beauty & Cosmetic Advisor:

Leading the team in design and implementing beauty and fitness program, as the Transformational Coach for LAE detox programme and head trainer for Ezon’s professional Beauty & Health Course.

Mr Yap Chee Hwang | CMO :

With his vast involvement in the digital marketing and international business scene, Mr Yap is the International Business Development Director of Holistic Lab Sdn Bhd (UTM), International Business Development Consultant; Halal Ambassador of IBF International Business Federation, Singapore; Director of Dream Home Maker platform. He is the driver for Ezon Sales and Marketing development.

Ms Mok Pei Kim | CFO :

She manages the company's finances, instrumental in building out the finance business support capabilities and function at Ezon.

Prof. Ir. Dr.-Ing Eko Supriyanto | Healthcare & Medical Advisor :

His obtained Doctor of Engineering from University of Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany. He obtained his professorship from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia at early 30s age, which is one of the world youngest Professor. He published more than 300 international journal and proceeding papers during last 12 years, registered more than 50 patents and copyrights, and received more than 30 international awards, including from National Research Council of Thailand and Korea Invention Promotion Association. He was a President of University College in Indonesia, Director of National Heart Institute-Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Research Centre, and President of German-Indonesian Academicians and Specialists Association.

Mr Bryan Law | Manager :

With 20 years of experience in IT and operations, Bryan brings with him outlet management, sales and customer service expertise, as well as operating and maintaining of online applications.

Prof. Othman Ibrahim | Group Development Advisor :

As the Associate Prof of UTM, Azman Hashim International Business School,Dr Othman Research Area includes Enterprise Application, Integration, and Services; Social Network/Collaborative Platform; IT Governance and Risk Management. He offers strategies advise for Ezon’s business development.
大多數人或多或少聽過「奈米」這個字眼,但實際則似是清楚卻又模糊。嘗試上網搜尋或者請教專家,往往得到的答案大都是以荷葉效應 (Lotus Effect)來解釋,出淤泥而不染更是許多人喜歡用來描述奈米特點的詞句,因此誤導了許多人,以為所謂的奈米就是等同於荷葉效應,其實荷葉效應只不過是在特定條件下奈米結構的特性之一而已。奈米是個尺度單位,它非常小,小到已經脫離我們日常生活所能觸及的概念。奈米-nanometer,字首nano在希臘文中的原意是「侏儒」的意思,奈米是一個尺度的單位,相當於一公尺的十億分之一。當材料的大小到達奈米的尺度時,該材料的一些物理性質、化學性質將會產生巨大的變化,加上藉由一些表面改性手段,可以把奈米材料應用到各種不同的應用面,比如說:親水、疏水、抗刮...等等。
諾貝爾獎得主 Richard Smalley 教授說:奈米科技對未來人類健康及生活福祉之貢獻絕不亞於本世紀微電子產品、醫學影像、電腦輔助工程、人造高分子材料等之總合貢獻。 Zyvex 公司 Dr.Ralph Merkle 提出:奈米科技將完全取代目前所有生產製程而開發出更新穎、更精準、更廉價、更具彈性之產品製造技術。」美國 IBM 公司首席科學家 Armstrong 說:「正像20世紀70年代微電子技術產生了資訊革命(Information Revolution)一樣,奈米科學技術將成為下一世紀資訊時代時代的核心。」
EZON公司除了深耕國內、國外奈米科技應用市場之外,亦投入經營自有奈米產品品牌,將陸續推出各類機能性生活用品。 此外,EZON公司秉持「低耗能、低廢排」的一貫理念所有產品的研發均以不傷害環境為出發,當與環境保護有所牴觸時, 寧可放棄該項產品,這是EZON公司堅持的原則。
利用某些特定的奈米材料搭配表面改性技術、熔膠凝膠技術,將之應用在一些特殊領域,如疏水、親水、隔熱、抗刮…… 奈米材料由於其尺寸已達奈米尺度,加上各種化學工程技術突飛猛進,表面改性處理技術的精進,將奈米材料導入的實際應用面大都以薄膜型態為主。 Apple公司將行動電話技術躍升跨入智慧型手機年代,除了半導體技術的進步之外,憑藉的幾乎就是奈米薄膜技術。包括觸控、防水、抗刮、防眩、防靜電…等等技術,幾乎無一不是以薄膜型態導入。 EZON公司研發團隊在奈米薄膜領域的研發以疏水性、親水性、抗刮性、防水性、絕緣導熱、透明隔熱…等為主體,除就既有市場之需求研發出商品之外,亦可接受廠家提出規格需求,我們將可以代為進行針對性的研發。

EZON - About Ezon

EZON - About Ezon