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EZON - Testimonial

EZON - Testimonial

LAE Treatment Testimonial

Case: An old lady suffering from stroke causes clogging in arteries.

Miss Fei Lee‘s Mother was a stroke patient. After being discharged from the hospital,
she recovered quickly. The large artery in the neck was clogged,
causing cell necrosis in the brain, which affected her right hand and right foot,
which resulted in the inability to move or speak. With the help and care from
her three filial daughters who accompanied her throughout the seven days of
nursing in the LAE Treatment Room, the nasogastric tube was removed,
and her hands and feet returned to their original agility.
She continued 3 months of LAE Treatment Room which has recovered not only the agility,
but also the ability to speak, walk, eat, and most importantly, she is in good spirits!

Case: Mr. Yap has kidney failure and requires dialysis.

Mr. Yap is a patient with kidney failure. Because of his son's encouragement,
he began to use LAE Treatment Room. After treatment, his kidney’s functionality
gradually returned to normal. The medical report from the hospital showed
significant improvement in kidney function, therefore avoiding the need for dialysis!

Case: Respiratory tract-nerves crossing and cerebrovascular occlusion.

Mr. Huang Wen Rong improved his respiratory tract-nerve
crossing and cerebrovascular occlusion after undergoing
treatment in LAE Treatment Room for one month. Problems
such as insomnia that plagued him before is now resolved
and now, he can sleep peacefully!

Case: A patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Mdm. Guat Hong, who has suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years,
has improved her body ache and Rheumatoid Arthritis after undergoing treatment in
LAE Treatment Room. Now she can move freely with no limitations!

Case: Knee injury caused by an accident.

Ms Angeline suffered from constant knee pain due to an accident, which the surgery
did not successfully relieve the pain. After undergoing treatment in LAE Treatment
Room for a long time, she found that the pain in her knees has improved,
and her knees are not sore anymore when she walks for a long period of time.
Her fitness level has become better than before, and now she regularly
uses LAE care to bring her body to the next and healthy level.

Case: Inability to perspire normally.

Mdm. Shulan after undergoing treatment in LAE Treatment Room ,
Mdm. Shulan improved her perspiration problems of many years,
and she was also able to excrete a lot of perspiration during the treatment!

Case: Discomfort when perspiring for a long period of time.

Ms. Cindy underwent treatment in LAE Treatment Room, she found that she could
spend a longer time in LAE Treatment Room because the temperature of the room
would not make her feel uncomfortable. Old traditional saunas are often difficult
to breathe in and will become unusable. Now she can finally experience the feeling
of continuous sweating in comfort!

Case: Obesity and knee pain.

After Ms. Chia Chia used the LAE room, it helped her to detoxify a lot during treatment,
which assisted her in achieving the effect of losing weight!
Her weight has been successfully reduced from 80kg to 65kg!
Problems on the knee has also gradually improved, and the pain has been relieved a lot.

SB96 Testimonials

Case: Elderly fell and injured his face.

The elderly injured and bruised his face after an accident.
With the use of SB96, it only took 7 days to recovery back to his original face!

Case: Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) caused by enterovirus.

This patient has Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) caused by
enterovirus such as coxsackievirus and enterovirus 71. After using SB96,
the patient recovered.

Case: Varicose veins.

This is the recovery of the old lady's foot after using SB96.

Case: Carbuncle.

This is a woman suffering from a carbuncle on her neck.
Her doctor suggested surgery since medicine could not cure the carbuncle.
However, after using the SB96 for 4 consecutive days, the wound gradually
recovered after the pus flowed out without the consumption of
any medicine nor surgery.

Ezurose(elight rose) Testimonials

Case: Pus from traffic accident wound.

Miss Wan Ting, a girl with epilepsy, was working outstation in Australia. In the evening
of January 2018, when she was cooking noodles, she experienced an epileptic seizure
and accidentally kicked over the hot pot as she fell to the ground, resulting in severe burns
to her face and legs. Formulated with LAE Light Activated Energy,
ezurose successfully recovered the facial and leg scalds. In present day,
no scald marks can be seen anymore!

Case: Itchy and sensitive skin.

Ms. Li Ling have been plagued by dry and itchy skin for a long time.
After using ezurose for a month, her skin is no longer itchy and dry, and the skin is more radiant than ever!

Case: Breakouts and redness skin.

Mr. Dong Ming’s skin often breaks out and become red and swollen.
After using the Elight series for 2 weeks, the skin breakouts and allergy problem has improved.
It really boosted his confidence!

Case: Sensitive and dull skin.

Ms Sinn who has been using ezurose for over a month.
ezurose made her skin brighter and firmer, her face is less dry, and the results are even
getting better day by day!

LAE Active Water Testimonials

Case: Back pain and heat in the body.

Mr. Xiao Qing Shun, President of The Entrepreneur Club of Malaysia.
sometimes experiences back pain and body heat problems. After using LAE Active Water
for more than a month, these problems have improved. He also used LAE Active Water to make tea,
and the taste of the tea was smoother than before. More than that, it also kept him at a healthy weight.
He does not only soak food in this Active Water but also used it to soak his feet. Food is reportedly
getting more delicious, and he is getting healthier!

Case: Hygiene and Safety Issues in Catering chain stores.

Mr. Ho, Restaurant Pekin Executive Sous Chef. He is faced with the problem of cleaning a lot of tableware,
due to the consideration that the use of detergents for a long time will damage the skin of the employees
as well as the various hazards of chemical composition. He began to install LAE Active Water in 5 branches.
In the process of usage, it didn’t only solve the problems, but also enhanced the taste of the foods,
especially the effect of small water molecules on the residual pesticides in the vegetables.
He also uses LAE Active Water for soaking of ingredients and cooking the various delicacies,
which reportedly extremely intensifies his craft. He is very pleased that LAE Active Water
has made it safe for his employees to use and his diners to eat fresher and healthier, but more importantly, at ease.

Case: The troubles of a sensitive nose.

Ms. Liu Xiaoling she suffered from a sensitive nose that made it inconvenient for her to do anything, and when
she learnt that chemical cleansers were the source of my sensitive nose, she started looking for a solution.
Coincidentally, her sister introduced EZON's LAE Active Water. Just by using it, no longer need the use of
detergents to clean stains, and she no longer suffer from chemical agents that leads to her sensitive nose issues.
After using LAE Active Water, her nose sensitivity issue has been improved, and her family's skin problems
will not be harmed by chemical agents again. It really kills two birds with one stone!

Case: A patient to 10 years of sensitive skin.

Mr. Jia Hao every time he take a shower, and get hives on his back, and sometimes his back and feet are covered
with pimples. It leads to scarring with pus and blood, which is unbearable!
His sensitive skin problems could not be solved even after seeking medical attention.
After bathing with LAE Active Water for over two months, his skin problems finally improved.
The skin is no longer itchy, and the acne scars have faded a lot! His hair loss problem has also improved a lot.
He will extremely recommend LAE Active Water to benefit the people around him.

Case: Chef's ingredients and hygiene issues.

Mr. Wong Chi Koon - Executive Chef , He has been a chef with more than 20 years of experience in the catering
industry, but he wanted to find a solution to solve the problems of chemical pesticides in the ingredients as well as
the tableware to be cleaner and more non-toxic. He was introduced to LAE Active Water through the market,
and he started installing it in the kitchen. After using LAE Active Water for two consecutive months,
he realized a reduction in the amount of dishwashing detergent. In conclusion,
LAE Active Water did not only provides safe and hygienic tableware to diners, but also more cost-efficient.
This allowed him to contribute to the environmental protection of water.

Case: Dandruff & hair loss problems.

Ms Audrey Thio since of using the LAE Active Water to bathe, both her sweat smell problem in body and
hair fall problem are solved although without using any shower gel and shampoo. She felt comfortable and
relax after bathing. It made easier for her without using any personal care products during bathing,
it is efficient and save more!

Case: Dishwashing problem.

Mdm. Wong noodles business requires use a lot of pork as one of the main ingredient, and she always
encounter problem of slow thawing and disgusting pork smell. By using the LAE Active Water to soak the pork,
it accelerates the thawing time and no longer has to endure the pork smell.
It is helpful and useful particularly for those in the catering business.

Case: Trouble with laundry.

LAE Active Water makes Mdm. Leong’s kitchen cleaning work become easier and time-saving,
especially to clean the deposited grease on the aluminum block. The dirt and grease is easy to
remove by wipe the aluminum block for around 2-3 times only when using LAE Active Water
washed cotton cloth.

EZON - Testimonial

EZON - Testimonial