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EZON - Success Story

EZON - Success Story

I have been involved in education for many years. I used to be a physics teacher, and I am currently a lecturer in Digital Marketing and a consultant for many companies.

In 2020, when my father faced problems such as diabetes, kidney failure, and gout, the doctor recommended dialysis. Later, my friend introduced EZON LAE Technology to me. My father participated in LAE therapy and used SB96 every day. After 3 months, the medical examination showed that my father's kidneys had recovered function and did not need dialysis. Uric acid and gout problems have also improved, and sleep quality has improved. I am grateful to EZON’s LAE for saving my father and making my family’s life healthier and healthier.

EZON is the creator of LAE, a patented technology that is one-of-its-kind in the world. I see EZON’s vision and agree with EZON’s mission. In order to benefit more people, I strongly recommend EZON Business to my friends because the product speaks for itself. The market plan is also very good, in just one year, my team developed rapidly and I was promoted to Crown Agent.

I am grateful to the company for giving me the greatest support and assistance. My goal is to cultivate more successful talents in the organization, and everyone will benefit together!
In 2020, Mr. Yap Chee Hwang took me to EZON to learn about LAE technology. At that time, the sweat spots on my mother's hands were healed after using SB96, and my sister's ringworm also improved. It makes me curious and confident about LAE products.

At the beginning, I just shared it with my relatives and friends. I was just a secretary and had no sales experience. I learned online marketing from Mr. Yap. I promoted SB96 on Facebook and recruited consumers and agents.

Thanks to Mr. Yap for introducing me to EZON! Thank you to the founder of EZON, and I would also like to thank every partner for your participation and positive attitude for making me who I am today.

Everyone and everything I met during this time gave me a lot of learning opportunities, especially the six major sections of the company, which allowed me to learn a lot. EZON’s friendly team and products pushed me forward. Power! "

For me, this is just the beginning, first set a goal, as long as you are willing to work hard, the harvest will always bring surprises!
I am a yoga teacher and fitness dance instructor. In July 2020, Mr. Yap Chee Hwang brought me to EZON to experience LAE technology products. I purchased SB96 and EZUROSE on the same day.

For the past 3 years, I have had to go to the specialist department to get three kinds of stomach medicine every month. I have also seen Chinese medicine to replenish qi and blood, but it has not improved much. After that, through LAE light therapy and diet therapy, I lost a total of 14 kilograms, and my stomach problems have also been improved without taking medicine.

After joining EZON, I began to share EZON LAE products with my friends. Because I taught yoga at the Breast Cancer Association, I also shared with the students there, hoping to help those in need. With the heart of sharing health, the team is built up unknowingly.

I am grateful to Mr. Yap for his recommendation, my team, and EZON for letting us engage in a beneficial business that can bring health to the public, composing a new chapter in my life, and making us a family that loves and cares for each other.

I want to say to my team: "Everything comes from harmony, and strength comes from unity. Thank you for your company and for working together to share success!
I have been suffering from spinal pain since I was in my 10s. As the problem got worse with age, I have never hugged my two sons since they were born. The doctor even told me "you should enjoy your pain". The pain lasted a lifetime.

In 2020, I saw Fei Lee’s introduction of EZON’s SB96 on Facebook, and I bought it and tried it. After 1 week of use, I felt that its function was amazing. Now I can work without pain with full of energy and physical strength. Don't rush for quick success in everything. Invest in your own health and consider the health of others. Even doctors are curious and buy it.

I also introduced SB96 to friends who often encountered the same problems in the hospital, and they also improved. In this way, I started my EZON career. As long as my friends need it, I will share EZON products with them. I am very happy to see them improve. At the same time, the EZON business network develops unconsciously.

I am grateful to Fei Lee for letting me know about EZON and the company's team for giving me training, guidance and supervision in all aspects. Don't rush for quick success in everything, "invest in your own health, and consider the health of others." Hope that more people will join Yizhong in the future, and everyone will benefit together!
I am a professional beauty makeup artist, overall image artist and wedding dress designer, and I own famous brand wedding dress shop.

I met Dr. Chen Hsi-Tsai 7 years ago and started to get in touch with LAE technology knowledge and LAE products. After that, our family began to use LAE products, from the early first-generation SB96, LAE Active Water, and EZUROSE.

My sister have sensitivity nose for more than 20 years until use LAE Active Water to get improve.My father also use LAE Active Water to improve his skin. Mother ache because of the use of SB96 get improve. I am also use EZUROSE to make my skin more smooth and delicate.

So I am very grateful that Dr. Chen invention has benefited us in Malaysia and grateful to Mr. Ikaxa, Noel and Pohyin for founding EZON to promote LAE and benefit more people. The company’s system is also very humanization , allows us to make money easily even use LAE products, achieving the vision of [Shared Health and Wealth]
In November 2020, my feet hurt and I couldn't walk. I could only walk with crutches. Elaine recommended that I use SB96 spray on the painful area to promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation, and it is really effective.

Later, she shared with me the LAE Light Energy Room, and that it can repair the blood circulation of human cells and also lose weight. She told me to remember to bring a bottle to bring the LAE Active Water home to drink. I listened to her and went for LAE therapy and drank the LAE Active Water.

In 7 months, I lost 15 kilograms and gained health and wealth. I changed a lot in 7 months. When my friends saw me, they said that I looked younger. I was really happy and it felt very rewarding.

After joining as an agent of EZON, I immediately began to share EZON products with friends around me, buy them for my mother, and recommend them to my sister. My sister’s sinusitis was also treated by SB96.

"Thank you Elaine for sharing such a good product with me, let me know about EZON and the globally patented LAE technology. The products are natural, non-radioactive, harmless to the body, and helped me regain my health. After joining the company as an agent, I was able to get good online and offline training opportunities, especially the seminars in the six company pillars, which allowed me to master professional skills, introduce customers and agents into each major sector, and make it easier for me to recommend."

I am gaining progress every day, accumulation means great progress; gaining small happiness every day, and accumulating it will become great happiness. I am enriched every day in EZON, and I am also actively working to let more people benefit and benefit the public together!
I have decades of experience in cosmetics, I am a cosmetic instructor certified by a national university, a tattoo instructor, and I have my own beauty company. However, facing the impact of MCO, the beauty industry has suffered a great impact. Mr. Yap Chee Hwang recommended my beauty in 2020. Suggestions for the transformation of the industry, introduce EZON’s LAE technology skin care products to me.

After using Ezurose and Elight, I found that the effect is very good, comparable to major brands, but the price is indeed popular. Although many brand companies have come to cooperate with me, after weighing it, I see the advantages of EZON’s products and agree with EZON’s products. Concept, so I made a choice and began to transform the beauty industry to promote the benefit of the public. Because of the good effect of the product, it is highly praised by customers.

Thanks to Mr.Yap for his recommendation and let me join the big family of EZON. I am also grateful for the teaching of the founder of EZON, and the knowledge sharing with the mentors of the major sectors, and thank all my partners for working together with me. I also set a goal to be more effective in EZON and lead my partners to benefit the people and succeed together.
I am a professional insurance broker and career planner. My wife suffers from myasthenia gravis. In March 2021, Abby introduced my wife to use EZUROSE, SB96, which improved the problems of drooping eyelids, fatigue, and muscle weakness.

Because of the effect of the product on myself and my wife, I also introduced it to friends in need. One of my friends encouraged me to say, "This product is so good, you should develop and promote it." So I started to promote EZON’s products and business, and successfully recommended 15 agents within one month, and promoted to the gold level agent within 4 months. I am grateful to Abby for introducing EZON products and business to me, so that my wife and I can regain our health and have another business at the same time. Many of the insurance customers are facing health problems, so recommending EZON products to them also helped them.

I am grateful to the founder of EZON and my team. EZON is a career that benefits others and self. It allows me to live a fulfilling and wonderful life. I hope that in the future, I will promote EZON business in East Malaysia and benefit more people!

EZON - Success Story

EZON - Success Story